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The La Ventana Classic has the following races: and $5,000 usd prize money

Long distance race for Foils, Kiteboarders and Windsurfers. Separate racing classes with separate starts - the competitors who compete for prize money will be divided into foils and others (windsurfers and kiteboarders)  - and the sportsmen who cruise for the cause of supporting our schools and also win fun prizes from our sponsors will have their own start - Top competetitor racers will qualify for a long distance final to determine the winner. Top 20 in the Foil class, and top 10 for Kiteboard and Windsurf will qualify using the results from the course races. Target finish time for top competitors 60 minutes.

This race is open to advanced sailors with well maintained gear - S.I's will be posted by December 1st

  • 1st place Mens Foil =1st $300    2nd $200   3rd $100
  • 1st place Womens Foil =$200
  • 1st place Mens Kiteboard =$200
  • 1st place womens kiteboard =$200
  • 1st place mens windsurf =$300
  • 1st place womens windsurf = $100
  • 1st place mens Sportsman = great sponsor prizes
  • 1st place womens Sportsman = great sponsor prizes

Compete in buoy course racing close to the La Ventana shores - Foil Class will compete in the standard windward leeward course with a gate to leeward. In order to make this a more sportsman friendly event the Kitessurf and Winsdurfers will use a modified figure 8 course eliminating the upwind legs and replacing them with fast broad reaches. Target finishing time for top competitors per race 15 - 20 minutes.  S.I's will be posted by December 1st

  • 1st place mens foil = 1st $1000 USD   2nd $500 USD    3rd  $250 USD
  • 1st place womens foil = 1st $300 USD 2nd $ 150
  • 1st place mens kiteboard = 1st $200
  • 1st place womens kiteboard =  1st $200
  • 1st place mens windsurfer = $TBD
  • 1st place womens windsurfer = $TBD


BIG AIR / Old SKOOL Kiteboard trick contest
Watch the pros and local heroes duke it out over your head!! 

  • 1st place mens = $500 USD 
  • 1st place womens = $300 USD