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The La Ventana Classic has the following races:

11 mile downwinder from Cerralvo Island to La Ventana for Kiteboarders and Windsurfers. Racers are transported via pangas to the island and then race back. Two separate racing classes with 2 separate starts - the competitors who compete for prize money and the sportsmen who cruise for the cause of supporting our schools and also win fun prizes from our sponsors.

This race is open to advanced sailors with well maintained gear - see SAILING INSTRUCTIONS FOR DETAILS - also big prizes in this years island treasure hunt on Cerralvo Island.

  • First man to finish on kite or windsurfer - bonus $150 USD
  • First  woman to finish on kite or windsurfer - bonus $150 USD
  • 1st place mens kite = $1000 USD
  • 1st place womens kite = $1000 USD
  • 1st place mens windsurfer = $ TBD USD
  • 1st place womens windsurfer = $ TBD USD

The top 25 men and 8 women kiters and top 5 men and 3 women windsurfers from THE CROSSING will compete in buoy course racing close to the La Ventana shores - see SAILING INSTRUCTIONS FOR DETAILS 

  • 1st place mens kite = $500 USD 
  • 1st place womens kite = $300 USD 
  • 1st place mens windsurfer = $TBD
  • 1st place womens windsurfer = $TBD


BIG AIR / Old SKOOL Kiteboard trick contest
Watch the pros and local heroes duke it out over your head!! 

  • 1st place mens = $300 USD 
  • 1st place womens = $200 USD