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Sailing Instructions (S.I.'s) posted below.  All prize money is USD.

Long distance race for Foils, Kiteboarders and Windsurfers. Separate racing classes with separate starts - the competitors who compete for prize money will be divided into foils and others (windsurfers and kiteboarders)  - and the sportsmen who cruise for the cause of supporting our schools and also win fun prizes from our sponsors will have their own start - Top competetitor racers will qualify for a long distance final to determine the winner. Top 20 in the Foil class, and top 10 for Kiteboard and Windsurf will qualify using the results from the course races. Target finish time for top competitors 60 minutes.

This race is open to advanced sailors with well maintained gear

  • Mens Foil: 1st $500, 2nd $300, 3rd $100
  • 1st place Women's Foil: $200 
  • 1st place Men's Kiteboard: $200
  • 1st place Women's kiteboard: $200
  • 1st place Men's windsurf: $300
  • 1st place Women's windsurf: $100
  • 1st place Sportsman = great sponsor prizes
  • 1st place Sportswoman = great sponsor prizes

Compete in buoy course racing close to the La Ventana shores - Foil Class will compete in the standard windward leeward course with a gate to leeward. In order to make this a more sportsman friendly event the Kitessurf and Winsdurfers will use a modified figure 8 course eliminating the upwind legs and replacing them with fast broad reaches. Target finishing time for top competitors per race 15 - 20 minutes.  S.I's will be posted by December 1st

  • Men's foil: 1st $900, 2nd $400, 3rd $150 
  • Women's foil: 1st $300, 2nd $150
  • 1st place Men's kiteboard: $200
  • 1st place Women's kiteboard: $200
  • 1st place Men's windsurfer: $TBD
  • 1st place Women's windsurfer: $TBD
  • 1st place Sportsman: great sponsor prizes
  • 1st place Sportswoman: great sponsor prizes


BIG AIR / Old SKOOL Kiteboard trick contest
Watch the pros and local heroes duke it out over your head!! 

  • 1st place mens: $500 
  • 1st place womens: $300  
  • 1st place Sportsman: great sponsor prizes
  • 1st place Sportswoman: great sponsor prizes

GO BIG!  See S.I.'s below

Sailing Instructions (S.I.'s)


1.1 In order to ensure a safe event the regatta will be governed by the rules as defined in The Racing Rules of Sailing, including appendix for Windsurf and Kite

1.2 Competitors shall wear their assigned numbered jersey when racing


2.3 The entry application is online


3.1 Mandatory "Skippers Meeting" (Rider's Meeting, Information Meeting, You-Have-to-Be-There-No-Matter-What-Meeting) will be held on January 24th at 7pm, at Palapa's Ventana Restaurant.

3.2 Official Notices will be posted on the Official Regatta Notice Board, located at the Event Site at Aguas Caliente (the Hot Springs)

3.3 Changes to the sailing instructions will be posted by 9am on the day they are to take effect.

3.4 Daily Skippers meeting prior to racing, time to be posted on Notice Board  

4 SCHEDULES    ****  subject to change with wind forecast

Day 1 

Wind o’clock foil course racing 

Kiteboard and wdsrf  figure 8 racing

Day 2 

Foil course racing 

Kiteboard and wdsrf  figure 8 racing

Day 3

Wind o’clock foil course racing 

Kiteboard and wdsrf  figure 8 racing

Day 4

Long distance race   **  Subject to wind forecast. ( Top 20 Foil Class)

One start for foils only

One start for Kites and Windsurf class   (Top 15 Figure 8)

One start for Kites and Windsurfer sportsman’s class

Race management holds 5 wild cards at their discretion for the long distance race

Awards night


8.1 The courses and marks are described in addendum (posted on notice board)

8.2 Course will be either one or two laps and displaced from the starting boat for foil class or three laps for figure 8  

8.3 Black flag rule will be in effect for ALL races.

8.4 Course for Foil class is windward with leeward gate one or two laps and two marks and figure 8 courses for all other classes


9.1 The starting line will be between a staff displaying flag (color/type will be announced at mandatory skippers meeting) on the race committee boat and a red inflatable buoy set to port.

9.2 A competitor shall not start later than four minutes after her starting signal. A competitor that starts later than four minutes after her starting signal will be scored DNS. This changes RRS 35, A4 and A5.


There will be no individual recalls made any boat over early will be scored as a DNC


The finish line will be between a staff displaying a flag (Color/type will be announced at mandatory skippers meeting) on a race committee boat located halfway up the course on the port side and an inflatable mark set approximately 75’ downwind.


12.1 Penalties will be according to penalty addendum posted in SI’s


13.1 Target times, in minutes, are as follows:

Foil class:

Mark 1  7min

One lap top finisher  10 min

Two lap top finisher  18mim

Windsurf/ Kite class

Figure 8 course with two marks

3 Laps and target finish time 10min

If no boat has passed Mark 1 within the Mark 1 time limit, the race will be abandoned. Failure to meet the target time will not be grounds for redress.

13.2 Boats failing to finish with the finish time window  64minutes for course 1 and 6 minutes for course 2 after the first kiteboard sails the course and finishes will be scored Did Not Finish and without possibility of a hearing.  For figure 8 course time limit is 6 minutes after the first finisher.


14.1 Protests and requests for redress forms will be available at the official notice board.

14.2 Protest and requests for redress shall be lodged within 60 minutes of the last finisher in the last race of the day. Protest hearing times and location will be announced on the official notice board daily


15.1 One discard after three races, no further discards

15.2 Ties in the regatta will be broken by the low score of the last race



Except for brief periods of time while changing/launching Kites shall have lines rolled up on bars and kites secured.


17.1 Each competitor is required to check out and at end of each day, or in case of early retirement check back in with the beach captain. Each competitor has 30 minutes after the last race to do so and if not will receive a 5 point penalty



Course Diagrams and description of marks will be posted on notice board.